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Tips for Calculating Diamond Prices
Diamonds are valuable shiny minerals that cost much to acquire and are most valued by many women across the globe. These diamonds have been used to depict one’s social status for a long time by helping magnify one’s wealth standards in any given society. These pieces of diamond jewelry are said to fetch much in the market since they have high resale value. Certain aspects can be looked at in a bid to arrive at the most consistent amount that a portion of diamond is worth in the market. Read more below on some of the considerations to learn more when coming at the price of diamonds.
Firstly is the impact of the cut of gemstone has on how much the diamond is worth. Several people find it difficult to distinguish between the cut and shape of the diamond thus mistake the two to be synonymous. The right case scenario is how well the diamond’s facet intermingle with light as this constitutes the cut. The diamond’s cut can be either poor or excellent based on the scale for the cut. The value of your diamond is set to cost more based on its excellence.
Also of concern is the color of your diamond. When looking at your piece of diamond you should be able to see some color from it though the less color the diamond has, the better. The variation in the color scale of diamonds is from D to Z with Z being the poorest. This means that the farther away you move from D in the color scale, the more color you can visibly see from the diamond making it less expensive as you go down the scale.
Another thing is the clarity of the diamond when created. It’s worth noting that fewer defects will mean more money you can get from the sale of our diamond. You may prefer to have a diamond with fewer flaws and annexations thought a time your diamond might have slightly visible bits of black carbon which as a result contribute to how much you’re able to get for it. Assessing your piece of diamond with your naked eye is more of an impossibility, therefore, more of the reason as to why you need to be composed chiefly after the diamond buyer examining your diamond and tells you of the flaws in it.