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Significance of the House of Representatives

The house of representatives input the equal power as a lawmaker as designed by the maker of the constitution. The house’s main job is to represent the popular desire of the people and its representative or congressman were directly chosen by its constituents by means of election.

Every place of city or province or area is guaranteed to represent one member to the house of congress and the allocation is based on the population of the said area. Each member of the house or representative is chosen by its constituents by means of election and holds power to the house in a matter of two years. The constitution mandates that the person who is vying for that position will reach the age of 25 and a citizen of at least 7 years and a resident of the place where he wants to represent.

The law of the land or the constitution has authorized certain exclusive powers in the house of representatives to craft a bill and to initiate impeachment proceedings to all unscrupulous officials. The whole organization of the house of congress is systemized under the control of political parties and regulates the proceedings to activate the necessary movements. The partnership of the chosen leaders such as the speaker of the house, the majority leader and the minority leader will contribute a crucial role in the movement of the house of congress. In this way, the smooth development of the house will prevail and the agitation of the prioritized bill will be arranged according to its arrangement.

The committee system is another governing body that is set to impose the procedure of the house and its divide members have specialized assignments to regulate their tasks. Generally, the committee is chaired by the ruling majority party and their main job is to act the bill before passing it to the floor. Such committees are approximately made to have a permanent of 20 and they possess their own staff, subcommittee and budget to do their job in the house of congress. The main objectives of the committees are to conduct a hearing on the proposed legislative bill before formally handing it to the floor and administer some investigation with regards to the public interest.

The house of congress has two definite roles, one is to make laws and the other is to examine closely the work of the government. In addition, the bills approved by the plenary are scrutinized first by the Senate before going to final approval of the president. The obligation, duties, and rights of both chambers of parliament is based on the crafted constitution.

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